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13 Jul 2005

A particular interesting project, as I have been doing a little research into this topic and recently retrieved the specifications for ETSI.

The BBC TV-Anytime Java API is for parsing, manipulating and creating TV-Anytime metadata. It is currently released under LGPL

TV-Anytime is an open standard for metadata describing TV and radio programmes that is designed to support Personal Video Recoders (PVRs), programme guides and related technologies. The TV Anytime Forum is an association of organisations which seeks to develop specifications to enable audio-visual and other services based on mass-market high volume digital storage. For further information go to The TV-Anytime specifications are published by ETSI as the TS 102 822 series and are available at the ETSI web site (

BBC R&D White Paper WHP060
TV Anytime

  • CPAN modules
    These are projects we have released the following distributions to CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network)
  • Apache Modules
    These are modules extending the capabilities of mod_include type functionality.
  • Dirac
    Dirac is a state of the art video codec that provides general-purpose video compression and decompression tools. It is cross-platform and written in ANSI standard C++.
  • Media Lounge
    A C++ application, based on the “Crystal Space 3D” game engine SDK. It displays an interactive, shared virtual world, in which the content author can embed audio and video sequences
  • TV-Anytime Java API
    The BBC TV-Anytime Java API is for parsing, manipulating and creating TV-Anytime metadata.
  • Kamaelia
    Kamaelia is designed as a testbed for network experimentation using a component architecture designed to simplify creation and testing of new protocols for large scale media delivery systems.
  • Media Dispatch
    A reference implementation of the Pro-MPEG Media Dispatch Group’s Media Dispatch Protocol.
  • MXF File Test Engine
    Provides a system that allows various tests to be performed on MXF files
  • Video Shot Change Detector
    A simple DirectShow video shot change detector filter, suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Also don’t forgett to go backstage.
And other R&D Projects.


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